De Lijn enters second week of strikes in Flemish Brabant


The ACOD union has asked drivers and mechanics across Flanders to strike tomorrow

Staff shortage

As talks broke down between staff and management of Flemish transport service De Lijn this morning, social union ACOD has asked drivers across Flanders to stop work. Currently, the strike has been limited to the province of Flemish Brabant.

Drivers and mechanics in the Vlaamse rand, or ring around Brussels, called a wildcat strike early last week, angry about management’s slow response to a shortage of staff and unused vacation days as a result. Later in the week, members of the ACOD union in Leuven also joined the strike in solidarity.

At the weekend, up to 30% of buses were cancelled. Yesterday, that had dropped to 10%, but today it was back up to 30% in the Vlaamse rand and 20% in Leuven. Other unions have joined ACOD in the Vlaamse rand.

ACOD has called on its members across Flanders to strike tomorrow. It is unclear if all of the ACOD drivers in the other provinces will take part, but other unions have announced that they will not.

Photo courtesy De Lijn