De Lijn to introduce payment plan for annual passes


The Flemish transport service, which also operates buses in Brussels, is easing the financial burden of its annual passes

Cheaper in the long run

Flanders’ public transport operator De Lijn is going to introduce an instalment plan that will allow travellers to spread the cost of its annual passes. De Lijn’s 12-month passes, which cost €319 for adults and €212 for youths, can represent a steep financial hurdle for travellers on a tight budget.

Flemish MP Gwenny De Vroe (Open VLD) made the announcement as part of on-going negotiations on De Lijn’s new management contract with the government. “An instalment plan can be a welcome measure for travellers who don’t quite qualify for a reduced rate or discount,” De Vroe said on the news programme De zevende dag.

Currently, travellers who aren’t able to pay the full sum of an annual pass all at once are forced to purchase a monthly pass for €49 or three-month pass for €124. Those are more expensive than the annual pass in the long run.

“A payment plan will make bus travel passes financially accessible to more people,” De Vroe said.

Photo courtesy De Lijn