Deme, Flemish government most appealing potential employers


According to a large-scale survey carried out by Randstad, dredger Deme and the Flemish government have the best reputations as local employers

Image is everything

Deme dredging services have been named the Most Appealing Employer by employment services firm Randstad. While Deme won the honour for the private sector, the government of Flanders won the award for the public sector.

The Randstad award is unique in that it is a survey of Belgian employers’ public image and reputation. Bypassing current or former workers, Randstad questions people who are seeking work to gauge how they feel about the possibility of working at the companies or civil service agencies.

Of the 14,000 people questioned for the survey, 56% said they would “like” or “very much like” to work for Deme, a company located in Zwijndrecht, across the river Scheldt from Antwerp. That puts the offshore developer ahead of its competitor Jan De Nul, which had a score of 54%. Janssen Pharmaceutica, last year’s winner, also came in at 54%.

This was the first year that Randstad looked at public sector employers. The Flemish government has a strong reputation, with 55% giving it top scores. That gave it a comfortable margin over Wallonia’s Office of  Birth and Childhood, which had a 51% score. Third was the federal government at 50%.

Job security high on list

“Our transition to an efficient, modern and solution-oriented knowledge government has clearly been successful,” said Flemish minister-president Geert Bourgeois, accepting the award. “Trusting our staff, providing support where needed and eliminating micro-management together with our more than 28,000 driven civil servants, who carry out their jobs with passion. I am pleased to see that this is also how the outside world perceives us.”

For the annual survey, Randstad questions thousands of people living in Belgium about future employment options at companies with more than 1,000 employees. This year 183 private-sector employers were surveyed.

Besides the potential salary, the main draws for both Deme and the government of Flanders were job security, future prospects, benefits and responsibilities related to the job itself. Deme also got top scores for new technologies and work atmosphere.

Deme has won the private sector category three times in the history of the award. While Deme came in at the top of the private sector list, pharmaceuticals was the most popular sector overall.