Digital Experience Center for businesses opens in Waregem


Local IT specialists ConXioN and Microsoft have opened an Experience Center in West Flanders to kick-start digital innovation in local companies

Combatting the brain drain

The IT firm ConXioN has opened a new Experience Center in Waregem, West Flanders, with the support of digital giant Microsoft. The Experience Center is meant for businesses to discover what kind of new technologies could work for them.

Often companies want to be innovative with new technologies but are not sure how to get started. That’s where the ConXioN Experience Center comes in.

“We want to introduce companies to the possibilities of the most recent and even future technological innovations,” explains Chris Debyser, founder of ConXioN, which offers IT services and advice to business. “Play time is over; businesses have to know how all of this provides added value to them and to their customers.”

Business models today must be constantly updated as new technologies emerge. Technology is becoming more and more decisive in how and what decisions are made in most sectors, from manufacturing to publishing to health care.

AI, AR and IoT

“We want to be the frontrunner in sustainable, digital entrepreneurship in Flanders,” says Debyser. “We’re doing this through a user-friendly platform where regional sectors an come together and be inspired and advised.”

The Experience Center introduces the concepts and applications of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, the internet of things and virtual reality, among others. It also offers a meeting place for businesses to come together for co-operations, particularly in the Waregem and Kortrijk areas.

“By learning to use technology wisely and strategically, they will have a leg up on the competition,” says Debyser. “The return that that yields will be good for the general skill level in the region. They will also position themselves as progressive employers, which could help limit the brain drain we see in West Flanders.”

This is the first such project that Microsoft has embarked on with a local partner. “We are so pleased that ConXioN has embarked on Microsoft’s vision of digital transformation on a large scale on the basis of hands-on workshops and inspiring session,” says Didier Ongena, general manager of Microsoft Belgium. “These transformations will contribute to the development of new, innovative products, better customer support and the optimalisation of existing business practices.”

Photo courtesy ConXioN