Diva diamond museum opens new library


Everyone can use the new reading room, which has more than 23,000 magazines, books and other publications focused on diamonds and jewellery

Knowledge centre

The new Diva diamond museum in Antwerp has opened a library with 23,000 publications available to researchers, companies and the general public. The library contains magazines, reference books and rare publications covering every aspect of diamonds, gold and silversmithing and jewellery.

The space brings together the collections of the former Antwerp Silver Museum and Diamond Museum. Also among the collection are materials on applied arts, techniques and crafts. It is the most comprehensive collection of works related to the diamond and jewellery-making industries in the country.

The Diva Library will also hold part of the collection of publications belonging to the city’s fashion museum MoMu while it undergoes renovations, expected to last until next year. “We don’t think that Diva’s entire focus should be on exhibitions,” says Luk Lemmens, chair of the Museumstichting, the organisation that oversees the running of Diva, MoMu and the FoMu photography museum. “We also want to Diva to serve as a knowledge centre where people can read up on all aspects of silversmithing, jewellery and diamonds. Being an open house and attracting mixed readerships is part of our remit.”

Diva worked with the Scandinavian-inspired concept store Moose in the City to design the space. In stark contrast to the opulent museum installations and collection, it is an ode to efficiency and sober lines. “Rather than opting for a classic library interior, Diva is aiming to cater for everyone from researchers and students to private individuals,” the museum said in a statement.