Antwerp maps safety of routes to school


A unique pilot project led by schools in Antwerp is expanding and allows parents, teachers and students to map how they get to school and report any associated problems

Citizen participation

Following a pilot project in central Antwerp, the city’s eight outer districts have decided to also participate in Route2School, which maps the safety of routes taken to school by pupils. The project was developed by Hasselt University’s Institute for Mobility (Imob) and its spin-off Abeona Consult.

Route2School helps schools and municipalities analyse the traffic safety of approaching routes and collect information on how pupils are getting to school. The online project, which started at the end of 2016, is already in use in nearly 30 Flemish municipalities.

There are about 450 schools and 100,000 students in Antwerp. “Many students, especially in secondary education, cycle to school, while children in primary school often come on foot,” said education alderman Claude Marinower in a statement. “It’s important that they can make the trips between home and school safely.”

On Route2School, students, teachers and parents can report any problems they encounter on their way to and from school. They can also upload a photo and suggest a solution.

The problems and movement data are collected in a school route map, available on the website and via an app. The map can be used by the municipality to make adjustments to infrastructure but also to help teach children traffic safety skills.

Photo: Ingimage