Children visit Flemish parliament to plead for more sport and culture


A group of youngsters presented their book and CD in the Flemish parliament as they called for more time in school for sport and music, as well as extra vigilance against bullying

Children Approved

More time for sport and culture in school, and more free time outside school. Those were the demands made by a group of children on a visit to the Flemish Parliament yesterday.

The 20 or so children are members of the group Kinderen Goedgekeurd (Children Approved), who were in the parliament during question time to present their new book and CD, Ja, alle kinderen (Yes, All Children). The group was formed to provide activities for children, designed by young people themselves. The CD has now been developed into a stage show (pictured).

For the title song on the CD, group leader Mout Uyttersprot asked a number of leading political figures for a contribution to the lyrics, which call for more attention to children’s concerns. The names include former education minister Pascal Smet and current minister Hilde Crevits, mobility minister Ben Weyts, Groen member Meyrem Almaci and Ghent mayor Daniel Termont.

During question time, the children asked why so much time in school had to be devoted to maths and language and so little to sport and music. They raised the question of the availability of affordable sporting facilities outside school, as well as the need for continual vigilance to combat bullying.


Photo courtesy Kinderen Goedgekeurd