Children’s Congress on Climate Change in Mechelen


For the second year, pupils gathered in Mechelen to brainstorm solutions to climate change, together with meteorologist Frank Deboosere

‘A new generation with fresh ideas’

Hands-on science centre Technopolis and the Thomas More University College hosted their second annual Children’s Congress on Friday at Technopolis in Mechelen. More than 200 pupils from the fifth and sixth years took part in the congress, which focused on climate change.

Meteorologist Frank Deboosere, who all the kids recognised from TV, gave the keynote address before the kids split into separate info session. The kids themselves gave the sessions, which they have prepared earlier in class.

The pupils were tasked with developing solutions to climate change problems. One group developed an ecobus, which was full of plants that sucked up CO2 and was fuelled by solar power. Another made a “sailing car” that ran on wind power.

“The climate is changing,” said Deboosere. “The North Pole is melting. There are droughts, floods, extreme weather conditions, more allergies – we’re on our way. But fortunately, we have a new generation who is ready with fresh ideas. Young people feel that they need to do things differently.”

Photo: Frank Deboosere & co