Climate-related school projects to receive subsidies


The government of Flanders is accepting application for subsidies for interdisciplinary lessons that tackle climate change at any level of education

‘Small efforts, big effects’

Schools that offer projects related to climate change in science and tech lessons can now receive subsidies for the projects. Education minister Hilde Crevits has allocated a budget of €375,000. The money comes from the Flemish Climate Fund, which is funded by sales of European emission rights.

The government wants to make students more aware of climate problems by supported educational initiatives. “It’s important that the projects work to convince pupils of the added value of what they can realise themselves in the battle against climate change,” Crevits told VRT. “Small efforts can have big effects.” 

The initiative applies to primary, secondary and adult education. Among the possibilities suggested by Crevits’ office are energy efficiency, scientific analyses of climate issues, mobility, renewable energy, climate-friendly production and working with eco-friendly materials. To receive subsidies, projects should demonstrate an interdisciplinary approach and address realistic problems.

Schools have until 15 May to submit a request for subsidy, which are a maximum of €5,000 each.