Creator of online platform for bakers wins best student entrepreneur


Maxim Sergeant, who developed a website where bakers can sell directly to consumers, has won Ghent’s Student Entrepreneur prize


Maxim Sergeant, Bachelor’s student in business sciences at Ghent University (UGent), has won the fifth edition of the Student Entrepreneur of Ghent contest.

Sergeant (pictured) developed the platform where bakers from Belgium, the Netherlands and France can sell their products. He is now working on a similar platform for local butchers.

Sergeant was awarded the title Student-Entrepreneur of Ghent yesterday at the Vooruit culture centre. A jury and online voters gave Sergeant the edge over four other finalists. According to a statement, Sergeant won thanks to his “well-thought-out concept, his perseverance and his bottomless enthusiasm”.

The election was organised by student-entrepreneurship centres at UGent, Artevelde University College and University College Ghent in co-operation with the project Student Ghentrepreneur, which is subsidised by the government of Flanders’ agency for entrepreneurship. Flanders’ digital research centre iMinds, employers’ organisation Unizo and the City of Ghent also leant their support to the competition.

“As Flanders’ largest education city, Ghent has enormous entrepreneurship potential,” said the city’s entrepreneurship alderman Mathias De Clercq. “As part of its policy to encourage entrepreneurship, the city wants to encourage students to start an enterprise; they are the entrepreneurs and employers of the future.”

Photo courtesy Stad Gent

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