Drugs prevention kit for nursery schools


A drugs help centre in Ghent wants to develop a prevention kit for nursery school teachers to use in their lessons.

Help centre targets toddlers to lower their risk of drug addiction in later life

The drugs help centre De Sleutel in Ghent wants to have a prevention kit developed, called Het gat in de haag (The Hole in the Hedge) for nursery school teachers to use in their lessons. The goal is to equip toddlers with more social skills, which lead to a lower risk of drug addiction later on.

The kit contains a book for each year at nursery school, with stories about walking, talking vegetables who experience problematic situations. The books include hundreds of activities to stimulate social development. Nursery school teachers will devote special attention to teaching empathy, good communication and the expression of feelings. The purpose is not to talk about drugs specifically; the word itself doesn’t feature in the kit.