Dual-learning project extended to 83 schools


More students in Flanders than ever before will spend part of their school day training in local companies

Same diploma

A total of 83 secondary schools and adult education centres in Flanders are signed up to participate in the dual-learning project Schoolbank op de werkplek (School Desk in the Workplace) for the next academic year – more than double last year.

This extension of the project was approved by the government this week at the request of education minister Hilde Crevits and labour minister Philippe Muyters.

The dual learning project, which sees lessons in schools and adult education centres combined with practical training at places of business, was introduced last year, when 39 schools and training centres co-operated with 150 companies in Flanders and Brussels. The project covered six areas of study. 

In the coming year, the project will cover 21 areas of study – from the care sector to electromechanics – and target youngsters 15 and over in both technical (TSO) and professional (BSO) education.

“It’s important that companies, schools, sectors, teachers, students and parents are convinced that TSO and BSO are logical choices and that the dual system is of equal value to full-time secondary education,” said Crevits. “Participating students also receive the same diploma as pupils in the full-time education tracks.” 

According to Muyters, the extension of the project will also convince more companies to participate. “Businesses are looking for well-trained and motivated staff, so the dual learning system offers them many advantages,” he said.

Photo courtesy Stad Gent