€40m extra for special needs students in regular education


Minister for education Hilde Crevits has given special needs schools details about the staff they can employ to support students with special needs in regular education

Support reorganised

Since the ruling known as the M decree, more pupils with special educational needs have been going to mainstream schools, where they are supported by staff from special education.

From 1 September, this support will be reorganised: special needs students in regular education can turn to support networks in which special needs and regular teachers will group their expertise.

The creation of these networks has led to insecurity for schools, teachers and parents, and education minister Hilde Crevits had promised extra funding for the networks.

Special needs schools will now receive an extra €40 million in the 2017-2018 academic year. Last week, every school received information about the number of staff they will be able to place in regular education. This totals 700, bringing the number of staff available to support blind or deaf students or those with autism or behavioural disorders in regular education to 2,100.

“All special needs schools have received crucial information about the number of staff they can employ in mainstream schools,” said Crevits. “In recent weeks, everyone – schools, management, trade unions and the education administration – has made great efforts to organise the support networks in time. The education field has demonstrated its dynamic, making sure schools, parents and students are informed timely.”

Photo courtesy Klasse.be