Four in 10 students eat less healthy during exams


Flemish university and college students have a hard time keeping up with nutritional needs when studying for exams according to the Christian Mutuality

Half of students don’t eat fruit/vegetables every day

Forty percent of Flemish students eat more unhealthy during the exam period, while 23% do the opposite – insisting on a more healthy diet. Those are the main conclusions from a survey by the Christian Mutuality (CM), carried out among 1,650 university and college students.

During exams, many students prefer to buy ready-made meals and unhealthy snacks, “while a healthy diet would give them more energy and thus have a positive effect on study performances,” said the CM in a press statement.

The survey also examined the eating habits of students throughout the year, which are a cause of worry as well. Only one-fifth (19%) eat fruit every day and only half (49%) eat vegetables on a daily basis. The CM has launched the campaign Kok op Kot (Chef in Student Room) with an app, cookbook and Facebook page to assist students with year-round healthy eating.

Christian Mutuality says forty percent of Flemish students eat more unhealthy during exam periods.

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