Half of all Flemish students risk alcohol problems


The Flemish Association for Alcohol and Other Drug Problems released a report showing that half of all Flemish students – particularly men – are at risk of developing problems with alcohol

Alcohol should not play central role at school events, says association

Half of the Flemish students in higher education run a considerable risk of developing an alcohol problem, according to a survey by the Flemish Association for Alcohol and Other Drug Problems.

The association surveyed 20,000 students about their use of alcohol, drugs and medication and analysed the results with the help of several Flemish universities and colleges. The research shows that, according to the standards of the World Health Organisation, half of Flemish students consume unhealthy amounts of alcohol – mostly beer.

Men run a higher risk of developing alcohol problems; the number of male students who binge drink is double that of female students. Those living in student rooms with other students drink more during the academic year than those living at home or alone.

The researchers suggest more prevention and help for students with a risk profile. They also comment that alcohol should not play such a central role during student activities, which requires a serious mentality change across the region.


Half of all Flemish students at risk of alcohol problems according to new report.

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