Lessons for pupils on the dangers of social media


The federal Privacy Commission is launching a series of lessons to teach Belgian kids how to be safe online

Kids as young as 10 explore social network sites

The federal Privacy Commission is starting a series of lessons to teach primary school students how to surf safely on the internet. Youngsters learn that they should always think twice before sharing personal data, like their address or GSM number.

Although social media such as Facebook are normally only accessible to those 13 years and older, many children enter the social network sites at a younger age. Therefore, the lessons are being targeted at students in the final year of primary school as well as the first year of secondary school.

The project is currently being tested at a primary school in Kruishoutem, East Flanders. It includes a theatre performance called Net op ’t Net (Just on the Net), which finds youngsters in a youth group talking about their experiences on the internet.


Photo: Actors from Net op ’t netwith pupils

Flemish youngsters taught to surf safely

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