Master Plan for reform of education approved


Pascal Smet’s Master Plan for the reform of primary and secondary education in Flanders has been approved

“Most people agree on starting points of plan,” says minister

The government of Flanders has approved a Master Plan for the implementation of the reform of primary and secondary education. The “roadmap” provides an overview of all measures in the reform, including the timing.

After a broad social debate and fierce political discussions, the government decided to put the reform of education in a Master Plan instead of a decree. This document will inform the next government of the different steps that have to be taken.

According to Flemish education minister Pascal Smet (pictured), a number of the measures have already been carried out, such as the STEM action plan to encourage scientific and technical studies. Other measures should still be implemented before the elections in May, like the division of the study area of global orientation in primary education.

“I have the impression that most people agree on the starting points of the reform,” Smet said. “Of course there are still concerns, but I’m convinced that we can address them.”

Flemish government approves reform of primary and secondary education system.

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Educational system

The Flemish educational system is divided into two levels: primary (age six to 12) and secondary school (12 to 18). Education is compulsory for children between the ages of six and 18.
Types - There are three educational networks in Flanders: the Flemish Community’s GO! network, and publicly funded education – either publicly or privately run.
Not enough space - In recent years, Flemish schools have been struggling with persistent teacher shortages and a growing lack of school spaces.
No tuition fees - Nursery, primary and secondary school are free in Flanders.

million school-going children in 2013


million euros Flemish education budget for new school infrastructures in 2013


percent of boys leaving secondary school without a diploma