Most students start exam period without study plan


Six in 10 students in Flanders don’t have a study plan ahead of the exams, which leads to unnecessary stress, according to the Christian Mutuality

Source of stress

Six in 10 students in Flemish secondary schools and higher education start their exam period without a study plan. That’s the conclusion of research bureau Trendwolves, which questioned some 3,800 students about study preparation.

The figures were announced yesterday by Teleblok, the Christian Mutuality’s online chat service, as part of its annual campaign at the start of the exam period. Teleblok also reported that 67% of the calls they get from students relate to stress.

“As our volunteers talk to students about sources of stress, they often find that the main problem is the lack of a good study plan,” said Teleblok co-ordinator Kathleen Devos. “They then try to look for solutions to provide students with the courage to keep on studying.”

Devos told Radio 1 that a plan forces students to examine ahead of time how much time you need to study for any given class and balance that with time off for rest and social activities. She emphasised that it can be helpful for students to share their plans with others to get feedback and encouragement.

Devos also said that using social media like Facebook and Twitter are not negative influences on studying as long as it’s moderate. She advised students to log out while studying and check messages only during scheduled breaks.

“We notice that many students also have Facebook groups in which they ask each other questions,” she said. “This way, they keep in contact, even if they’re not studying together.”


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