Move It project sparks the creativity of Brussels students


The international art project Move It is working in six Dutch-language schools in Brussels to teach students how to deal with social problems through creativity

“As important as reading or mathematics”

The international artistic project Move It is developing the creativity of students in six Dutch-language schools in Brussels. The initiative is coordinated by Lasso, the Brussels network for culture participation and artistic education, and is supported by the government of Flanders.

For eight weeks, a team of three local and international artists will organise workshops in, for instance, dance and music in six of Brussels’ primary and secondary schools. The purpose of Move It is not to create a finished result, like a show or exhibition, but to make students more capable of dealing with a complex society by developing their talents.

“All children are talented, but each in a different way,” explained project leader Airan Berg. “Creativity is just as important as reading and mathematics.”

International art project is teaching Brussels kids to deal with social problems through creativity.

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