Muyters opens new top sport secondary school in Antwerp


A third secondary school dedicated to young athletes has opened in Flanders, offering regular education along with intense training

Swimming and judo

While the rest of the region was going back to school on 1 September as normal, 182 young athletes were attending their first day at the new City Lyceum Topsport in Antwerp. Sports minister Philippe Muyters was present for the opening.

City Lyceum Topsport offers 20 hours a week of ordinary education in the three streams of general humanities, technical and professional studies. On top of that, each student trains 12 hours a week in their own discipline, organised with national and regional sport federations.

The school is open to a select number of students chosen by sport federations who have been named a top young athlete by Sport Vlaanderen. The students in Antwerp join colleagues in Ghent and Leuven in what are now the three main top sports schools in the region.

Each school focusses on a number of disciplines: in Antwerp those are swimming, judo, tennis and hockey, while football, badminton, taekwondo, snowboarding and basketball are also offered as electives.

The site in the Wilrijk district was chosen because of the presence of sports infrastructure in the vicinity: the new Wilrijk hockey field, Wezenberg swimming pool and the Kattenbroek sports hall and tennis courts.

The government of Flanders contributed €1 million for the hockey field, €3 million for the construction of the Wezenberg pool and €200,000 for a weights room. The infrastructure of the school will be open outside of school hours to other local sport groups.

“We are working closely with the city and education authorities to ensure that young sporting hopefuls can develop their talents in the best environment,” Muyters said. “These students will be able to live, learn and play sports in one place, with the best available infrastructure, outstanding support and scientific backing.”

Photo courtesy Gazet van Antwerpen