New candidate in running for UGent rector


Two new candidates have entered the race to be rector and vice-rector at the University of Ghent, with a campaign focused on integrity and transparency

Election in April

A second team has entered the race to be Ghent University’s rector. Guido Van Huylenbroeck and Sarah De Saeger will compete against Rik Van de Walle and Mieke Van Herreweghe.

Two candidates, a man and a woman, must form a team, one of whom aims to become rector and the other vice-rector. Van Huylenbroeck and Van de Walle want to become rector, while De Saeger (pictured left) and Van Herreweghe hope to be vice-rector. Current rector Anne De Paepe is not planning to run for a second term.

Van Huylenbroeck (pictured right) is a former dean of the bioscience engineering faculty and the current academic director of internationalisation. His running mate, De Saeger, is professor at the bio-analysis department.

Their campaign focuses on integrity and transparency. They want to increase students’ results by giving them more autonomy in their learning process. A new management structure should ensure a more participatory policy.

Van de Walle is dean of the engineering and architecture faculty and leads the department of electronics and information systems. Van Herreweghe is an expert in English linguistics.

“We want a dynamic university, which places importance on social commitment,” Van de Walle and Van Herreweghe said in a statement, “with attention to pluralism, diligence, respect for human rights and fact-checking.”

The election takes place at the end of April and is the first time staff and students will be able to vote.

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