No decree for school networks this term


Flemish education minister Pascal Smet's proposal to link secondary schools into large networks will not be legislated through decree before the elections in May

Reform will be carried out through a master plan instead

Flemish education minister Pascal Smet has acknowledged that a decree to organise the formation of schools into netwsorks will not be introduced during this term. This is the minister’s third plan, after the reform of secondary education and teachers’ career tracks, that will not be translated into a decree before the elctions in May.

Smet’s ambition is to replace the fragmented education landscape by networks of schools with about 6,000 students in each network, teachers that are no longer appointed at one school and more professional management. Schools would be encouraged by, among others, financial incentives.

Instead of through a decree, the reforms will be carried out in phases through a master plan, at the request of the education sector, “because there are still important discussions going on,” confirmed Smet.