Non-profit wants lessons on having children taught in schools


Infertility support network Kinderwens Vlaanderen would like to see sex and relationship lessons taught in Flanders’ school include more information on having children and the complications that can occur

IVF and adoption

The non-profit organisation Kinderwens Vlaanderen (Child Wish Flanders), which supports women with fertility problems, would like to see sex and relationships education in the region include more information on having children. The organisation published an open letter this week asking Flemish education minister Hilde Crevits to reform the lessons so that pupils are taught that getting pregnant can sometimes be complicated.

According to Kinderwens Vlaanderen, the development goals and eindtermen – the final requirements for students to graduate – focus on different kinds of relationships, how to be respectful of partners and gender issues. It would like to see more of a focus “on the desire to have children and specifically a possibly unfulfilled or complicated desire,” it said. “It would be good to portray the desire to have children realistically and teach them respect for different ways to have children, like IVF and adoption.”

When it comes to children, sex education lessons focus on the prevention of unwanted pregnancies, the organisation said. “We have noticed that basic information is provided concerning STDs and contraception. There is an unfortunate lack of information on the important lifestyle factors that strongly influence fertility.”

The organisation has developed its own programme that it would like teachers in pre-school and primary school to use to teach youngsters about sex and parenthood.

Photo: Frank de Kleine/Flickr