One in three parents of teenagers needs more advice


A study by Thomas More researchers shows that Flemish parents of teenagers want more advice and support from family organisations, which are too-often concerned with younger children

Trouble with boundaries

Researchers at Thomas More University College have found that one-third of Flemish parents of teenagers wants more information and advice on raising their children. Parents think that the Huis van het Kind (Children’s House), centres that support parents in Flanders, should play a larger role in this respect.

The study was carried out as part of the 0010 project, through which the City of Antwerp is reaching out to parents with teenage children. The study’s main themes were social media and school.

“Investing in the first few years of a child’s life is very important, but the help shouldn’t stop there,” Patty De Bruyckere of Thomas More, who co-ordinated the study, told De Standaard. The study showed that many parents have difficulties defining boundaries and that a minority have a set of rules resulting from discussions with their teenagers.

Some parents pointed out that peer pressure was a major problem, while parents of Moroccan origin indicated that they experience difficulties because of the differences between cultures.

“There is a lot of support available for this target group, but parents don’t know how to find it,” said De Bruyckere. She hopes that Huis van het Kind will promote itself more as a place where parents can always go for answers on their questions on raising teenagers.

Photo: Ingimage