School director from Lier is Klasse’s Teacher of the Year


The multimedia education platform Klasse focused on school directors for its annual Teacher of the Year award, and the prize went to Mireille Van Craenenbroeck: “a motivator, intelligent communicator and a leader with vision”

Seeing the whole picture

Mireille Van Craenenbroeck, director of the Sint-Ursula lyceum in Lier, Antwerp province, has won the annual Teacher of the Year award organised by multimedia education platform Klasse. This year’s election put school directors in the spotlight.

Van Craenenbroeck (pictured) was chosen from 900 nominations and was described as “a motivator, intelligent communicator and a leader with vision”. She has been director of the lyceum since 2006, having previously taught chemistry there. She is also a former pupil of the school.

“Mireille sees the complete picture of the school organisation and focuses on shared leadership,” according to her nomination dossier. “The whole team receives responsibilities, according to their own talents.” The nomination also describes how she got students involved in brainstorming around the school’s policies and her attention to teachers’ and students’ welfare.

“My task is to make teachers and students enthusiastic about new projects,” Van Craenenbroeck said. “It’s really nice then if you have people who put their shoulders under such projects. All that has to be done then is to support that and applaud it.”

“Today, we don’t just put the spotlight on one director, but on all directors,” said Flemish education minister Hilde Crevits. “I see a lot of passion, commitment and sincere concern about their schools, teams and students. They are the driving force behind a good school.”

Photo courtesy Klasse

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