School suspends teacher investigated for child pornography


A primary school in East Flanders has suspended a teacher after discovering he has been under investigation for child pornography for more than a year

‘Not informed’

A primary school in Ronse, East Flanders, has suspended a teacher after it was found that he has been the subject of a child pornography investigation for the last 18 months. Sint-Antonius College said that it discovered that the teacher was under investigation for “inappropriate behaviour with minors and other offences” via the media.

“We are shocked and deeply regret this situation very much,” said Sint-Antonius in a statement. “At no time were we informed by anyone.” Local media has reported that a 45-year-old teacher from the school had been found with 14,000 images related to child pornography on his computer, including some he had made himself via a webcam. “As far as we know, these events have taken place outside of our school,” said Sint-Antonius (pictured).

The Kortrijk prosecutor’s office said that only when a judgment is made must the authorities inform the school. The report has stoked much controversy regarding the safety of pupils versus the right to privacy.

“Even if nothing criminal has happened at school, it is still a shock for parents and the school directors to know that this man has been allowed to give lessons for a year-and-a-half,” a spokesperson for the Catholic education network told Het Laatste Nieuws. “We would ask that a court inform a school directly in this type of case.”

Photo courtesy VTM Nieuws