Social media causes extra stress during exams


More than half of all calls to the CM’s student help-line are about stress, and it appears that Facebook is a major source of problems

Students question own methods and progress

Social media causes additional stress for students in secondary and higher education during exams, according to Teleblok, the telephone help-line and chat service of the Christian Mutuality, which has now launched a campaign to help students cope with it.

Many students regularly consult social media during their study sessions to exchange questions and tips with fellow students or just to take a break. This often, however, causes students to doubt about their own progress or methods.

Another significant source of stress for students are questions from concerned parents. More than half of all calls to Teleblok are stress-related, according to co-ordinator Kathleen Devos. “In recent years, we have noticed that students impose enormous pressure on themselves,” she says, “which often leads to fear of failure.”

Teleblok has launched the campaign “Share your stress”, to encourage students to support each other. Its Facebook page includes tips on dealing with doubts and with Facebook itself.

Flemish student help-line says Facebook is major source of stress for students during exams.

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