Students selling notes is illegal, says KU Leuven


One of Flanders’ universities has issues a warning to its students: Don’t sell your study notes online or anywhere else

Breach of copyright law

The University of Leuven (KU Leuven) has issued a warning to its students that it is illegal to sell their class notes or study outlines to other students, whether directly or through specialised websites.

Selling one’s notes and summaries is in breach of copyright laws in Belgium, according to KU Leuven vice rector Tine Baelmans. Receiving money for text, even if it’s just notes, is not lawful without being self employed.

Baelmans emphasised that sharing notes freely via social media sites or in person is perfectly fine. “What we want to see is students working and studying together,” she said.

The university has warned the student body that disciplinary measure can be taken against students found selling their notes.