UA leads new Young European Research Universities network


Antwerp University is one of the driving forces behind the newly launched Young European Research Universities Network, which unites 18 universities in Europe that were founded less than 50 years ago

“Louder voice”

Antwerp University (UA) is one of the driving forces behind the new Young European Research Universities Network (Yerun). The network unites a group of young universities to encourage collaboration and mobility within the student and staff populations.

Yerun brings together 18 universities from 12 EU countries. The Dutch University of Maastricht and the Spanish Autonomous University of Madrid join UA (pictured) as the co-founders of the initiative. All member universities were launched less than 50 years ago and belong to the best universities worldwide for their age category, according to the influential QS Top 50 Under 50-ranking.

The UA, which ranked in 14th on the most recent list, is the only Belgian university in the new network.

According to UA rector Alain Verschoren, the intensified co-operation between the universities will lead to joint projects in education and research such as the foundation of common study programmes. The network will also make it easier for academics, staff and students to work or study at one of the partner institutions.

Yerun also see their collaboration as a way to increase their influence on European policy. “A lot of decisions are taken on the European level that concern financing of scientific research,” said Verschoren. “It is difficult as a young, medium-sized university to really make your voice heard. If we speak together with our European colleagues, our voice will undoubtedly be louder.”

University of Antwerp

The University of Antwerp is Flanders’ youngest university, but it has quickly made a name for itself in natural and biomedical science research. It is the region’s third-largest university.
Merger - The university was born from the merger of three institutions with roots dating back to 1852.
Ranking - The university placed 13th in the World University Ranking “Top 50 Universities Under 50 years”.
Epidemiology - It was the first university in Flanders to offer a Master’s degree in epidemiology.
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