UGent approves action plan for gender policy


Ghent University is the second to announce its gender policy, in response to a Flemish government requirement

Gender balance of all staff by 1 October

The Board of Directors at Ghent University (UGent) has approved a gender action plan, a measure required by innovation minister Ingrid Lieten and education minister Pascal Smet. By 1 October, UGent plans to have a gender-balanced representation of staff at all administrative bodies and commissions. This obligation is already in place at the leadership level of the university.

UGent focuses strongly on a gender-friendly policy for research fellows. “Young researchers are often at an age when they want to have children, so we have installed specific measures to bridge this challenging period,” says rector Anne De Paepe. The university, for example, provides day care options and other family-friendly facilities to solve practical issues. “In Ghent, the gender policy is not just a concern of the last weeks or months,” declared De Paepe. “It’s already strongly embedded in our staff policy.”

Ghent University approves action plan for gender policy.

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Ghent University (UGent) is one of Flanders’ most pluralistic and liberal institutions of higher education, and its motto has long been “dare to think”. UGent is renowned for its research in bio and life sciences.
Latin - UGent was originally founded as a Latin-speaking state university by the Dutch king William I.
Nobel - Corneel Heymans, the only Fleming to have won a Nobel Prize, studied at the university.
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