Vlerick hosts event to help expat managers


HR expert Xavier Baeten says emotionally rewarding employees is the key to long-term success

Lecture comes as part of the school’s annual series of expat events

The secret to creating a positive and successful work culture and cooking up a great recipe are in many ways the same, and success is found not only in the ingredients but also in how they’re blended together.

Having the ability to get the most out of diverse personalities, skills and motivations is a careful balancing act at the best of times. Throw in a new country, with its cultural and linguistic differences, and that ambitious recipe for success can quickly turn to a disaster. This is a dilemma that many expats face every day when navigating foreign customs at work.

Vlerick Business School, with locations in Ghent, Leuven and Brussels, is hosting a lecture to help expats overcome these obstacles as part of its annual series of expat events. On 22 November on the Brussels campus, the school’s leading expert in reward management, Xavier Baeten, will give expats the lowdown on the value of rewarding employees.

“I will look at how a company can gain a competitive edge through different types of rewards,” says Baeten, stressing that businesses today have to focus on more than just financial incentives to motivate workers, especially in a time of economic crisis. “What can a company offer its employees?” he asks.

Participants will also learn how organisations can develop reward programmes that will create a stronger work environment than simply offering traditional bonuses.
22 November │ Vlerick Business School
Bolwerklaan 21, Brussels

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