Vlor calls for measures to safeguard students in dual learning


The Flemish Education Council had produced an advisory note that asks for monitoring the salary situation of students in the new dual-learning scheme

Pilot projects in September

The Flemish Education Council (Vlor) has called for additional measures to safeguard students in a new dual-learning scheme that allows those studying in technical and professional schools to spend up to 60% of their time on internships with a company.

Dual learning, which is popular in Germany, is part of a Flemish education plan to provide students from professional (BSO) and technical (TSO) secondary schools with more opportunities to gain work experience.

Vlor said in an advisory note that it wanted to see an apprentice allowance for students on work placements linked to the guaranteed average minimum monthly salary, with an increase according to student performance.

While welcoming the end to uncertainty that the new scheme gives to students involved in current systems of learning and working, Vlor called for an “immediate” and “clear” communication to parents, teachers and businesses about the scheme.

The council also questioned how pilot projects, which will start in September this year, can be properly evaluated given that the scheme is set to officially start in September 2017. “A thorough evaluation of these temporary projects is thus impossible,” Vlor said.

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