Workplace learning project to be expanded


Pupils are being given the chance to learn on the workfloor as the government expands its dual learning scheme

Better prepared for work

The Flemish government is extending its workplace learning trial project. Under the Schoolbank op de werkplek (School desk at the Workplace) scheme, from the age of 15 pupils take lessons at school and gain practical experience by working at a company.

The trial was launched this school year in seven study programmes at about 30 schools. Pupils have lessons at school for a number of days each week and on the remaining days they are trained by staff at a company. The aim is to  better prepare students for the labour market and help those struggling at school to obtain a diploma.

Education minister Hilde Crevits and labour minister Philippe Muyters have now announced they will expand the scheme to 26 study programmes next school year. “It’s essential that more youngsters, schools and companies can experience the advantages of learning on the workfloor,” Muyters said in a statement.

Nine of the new programmes will be in the third grade of professional education (BSO), such as bread and patisserie. Seven will be for specialisation courses after the regular BSO system, including childcare.

The project is also being extended to three programmes in the “secondary-after-secondary” years in technical education – year-long courses after students have completed regular school, such as training to become a fitness coach.

Photo courtesy Klasse