First Oosterweel works completed a year ahead of schedule


One of the early phases of the 10-year Oosterweel development project is complete, with noise-dampening asphalt on the E17

Closing the ring

The first project associated with the Oosterweel link in Antwerp completed this week, ahead of schedule. The works involved resurfacing the westbound lane of the E17 between Zwijndrecht and Kruibeke with a special noise dampening asphalt.

The stretch of E17 will be reopened to traffic next Monday, when the next project will begin – resurfacing the eastbound lane. This phase of Oosterweel has been completed a year earlier than planned.

According to Annik Dirkx of Antwerp urban planning agency Lantis, noise barriers will also be placed along the E17 during this phase. “That means that this phase will be finished by the end of the year, also a year earlier than planned,” she told VRT.

The Oosterweel link will close the circle of Antwerp’s ring road, providing a means for traffic from the port area to travel north without having to drive in a large circuit around the ring as is now the case. This will result in a major decrease in traffic on the heavily congested ring road and have an impact on the city’s pollution levels.

The massive, €3.6 billion project also includes roofing over older sections of the road, with green space being created on the roofs. New park & rides are planned, as well as new bicycle paths and pedestrian walkways. The entire project will complete in 2030, though an effect could be felt on traffic flow as early as 2022.