Flanders appoints new master architect


The master architect consults with both public and private partners on architectural quality and design

Five-year mandate

Flanders has a new master architect. Erik Wieërs (pictured), co-founder of Antwerp bureau Collectief Noord, will replace the current master architect Leo Van Broeck next month.

The master architect advises city councils and the government of Flanders on publicly funded works, as well as consults with private investors with regards to the architectural quality and design of buildings, public spaces, landscapes and infrastructure.

Wieërs’ firm has designed and built or remodelled social housing units, schools and offices, among other projects. Wieërs is also a lecturer at Antwerp University.

The current master architect, Van Broeck, widened the scope of the position in comparison to his predecessors, developing a broad vision for urban development in Flanders and emphasising the impact of architectural choices on the climate and our quality of life.

Earlier this year when the government of Flanders launched the procedure for a new master architect, it emphasised that the position should return to the central task of supporting authorities in their architectural choices.

“Wieërs is interested in the social dimension of architecture,” said the Flemish government in a statement. “Among other experience, he has a great deal of expertise in collective housing projects.”

Wieërs mandate as master architect lasts for five years.

Photo courtesy Vlaams Bouwmeester