Flemish ‘danger act’ in semi-finals of America’s Got Talent


Aaron Crow, who performs stunts on stage using audience members and various sharp objects, could move on to the finals of one of the most popular programmes in the US

Danger! Danger!

Ronny Verbeke of West Flanders – better known by his stage name Aaron Crow – has performed in the semi-finals of America’s Got Talent. The 49-year-old illusionist wowed the studio crowd with stunts involving sharp objects and members of the judging panel.

For his first act on the popular programme, Crow elicited gasps from the audience as he tipped a burning candle to drop hot wax onto his closed eyes, sealing them shut. He then blindfolded himself with three different materials to make sure the audience and the judges knew he couldn’t see.

He went on to use various weapons, including a sword, to slice and chop objects being held by members of the audience and cut through a pineapple on judge Howie Mandel’s head.

As he moved forward to the quarter- and semi-finals, we saw him shoot an apple off judge Heidi Klum’s head and smash wooden boxes – one of which contained Mandel – with anvils. Crow always performs his acts in silence, which adds to his mysterious appeal.

“Aaron, you know what?” said judge Simon Cowell following Crow’s semi-final act. “You’re a great entertainer. Every time you do something different. You’re a great showman, it was a great act. Congratulations.”

Crow has performed his stage stunts around the world, including on Broadway in New York, Las Vegas, London’s West End and the Sydney Opera House and Las Vegas. Though he travels internationally for weeks or months at a time, he lives in the Bruges area.

Crow also took part in Britain’s Got Talent five years ago. Participants on the talent TV programme do not have to be citizens of the country in which the programme takes place. The rules state that participants must be in the country legally during auditions and then – if they make it past that –  have a visa that allows them to remain in the country as long as is necessary.

Although one does need to be in the US in order to vote. We find out tonight if Crow will move on to the finals.

Photo courtesy Impossible Productions