Government gives €680,000 to train workers at Volvo Ghent


The Flemish government subsidy will help staff on the assembly line tackle new truck models

Keep on trucking

The government of Flanders is offering a subsidy to Volvo in Ghent for worker training. The €680,000 from the government will fund courses on skills needed to produce new truck cabins due to be introduced by the company later this year.

Volvo Group’s Ghent site is one of the largest producers of heavy trucks in Europe, rolling out 40,000 cabins and trailers each year. The company will soon introduce two new truck designs, which will deploy innovative technologies and require new skills to build.

“To realise this project, specific staff training courses will be organised for about 300 people working in Ghent,” explained Hilde Crevits, Flemish minister for the economy and innovation. “Truck cabins will be specially built for these courses, and 3D simulations will also be used.”

Breaking new ground

She added that the government subsidy of €680,000 fits in with transformation aid that Flanders grants to companies breaking new ground. “And this is completely new for the Volvo Group Belgium.” The total cost of the training will be almost €4.3 million.

Production of the new trucks will begin this year. The hope is that they will help Volvo Group retain its place in the European truck market and that the Ghent plant will continue to play an important role, both for the company and in the local economy.

This is not the first time the government has put its hand in its pocket for training at the company. In December, it announced a subsidy of €2 million to help teach workers new methods needed for the production of electric and hybrid cars in the Ghent plant. Also considered transformation aid, the money supported a total training budget of €24 million.

Photo: ©Nicolas Maeterlinck/BELGA