Grand opening for Historium tower


Bruges’ famous tourist attraction has gotten even better, with the neo-gothic tower now open to the public

Worth the climb

The Historium tourist attraction in Bruges officially opened its tower on Sunday, with trumpeters in middle ages dress and a speech by the mayor. The tower is part of the early 20th-century building on the historical Markt square that houses the Historium, an experience centre that immerses visitors in the Bruges of the middle ages.

Previously, the tower was in need of renovation and was closed to the public. Now visitors can climb the 145 steps to the 26-metre observation point of the tower for stunning views of the Markt and far across the city. The tower’s totally height is nearly 35 metres.

Ypres architect Jules Coomans designed the building that now houses the Historium in neo-gothic style. Originally home to government staff, it was completed in 1921. Coomans designed the narrow staired turret to resemble the tower of the 15th-century Poortersloge (Burghers’ Lodge) on Jan van Eyckplein.

Visitors exiting the tower can visit the adjoining exhibition on life in medieval Bruges. This gives way to the building’s panoramic terrace.

©Toerisme Brugge/VisitFlanders