Grandparents can care for grandchildren again as Phase 2 begins


Phase 2 of Belgium’s corona crisis exit strategy begins today, with the new announcement that grandparents can once again babysit

All in the family

The federal government has announced that grandparents can once again care for their grandchildren, under certain conditions. The new measure starts today, as the previously announced Phase 2 of Belgium’s exit strategy kicks off.

Phase 2 of the corona lockdown exit strategy sees many businesses and attractions re-opening, including hair salons, animal parks and museums. It is also the week that some pupils head back to school and that nursing homes residents can receive visitors again.

Now the government has announced that grandparents may mind their grandchildren, which was previously strictly forbidden in order to separate generations. While children generally do not get very sick from the virus, older people are a high risk group.

65 and under only

Visits between the generations were already allowed during Phase 1 of the strategy, but it was strongly suggested that different visits take place out-of-doors and of course that everyone practise social distancing. The new measure does not impose these standards on grandparents as it is extremely difficult to care for little children from 1.5 metres away.

Grandparents may not be older than 65 and may not work in the care sector if they want to look after their grandchildren. And the children need to be part of the grandparents' social bubble, according to the regulations on visits.

The measure on child care among families was relaxed in order to help parents who are now working or who continue to work at home but whose children are not yet in school. It’s not the intention that children spend the night with their grandparents.

Photo ©Cecilie Arcurs/Getty Images