Greta Thunberg to march in European Climate Strike next week


On 6 March, world-famous climate activist Greta Thunberg will join other European leaders in a strike for the climate in Brussels

European Green Deal

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg will be back in Brussels on 6 March to take part in the European Climate Strike. The march, organised by Belgian activist group Youth for Climate, will see youth from across Europe descending on Brussels.

Thunberg will be present alongside other representatives from European climate campaigns. “We want to see all the people in Belgium on the street to strike with us,” she said in a video message, posted on the Instagram account of Flemish climate activist Anuna De Wever.

It’s the second time that Thunberg will march alongside climate activists in Brussels. She also took part in a march in the capital this time last year, following a speech at the European Commission.

“The EU Green Deal needs to show the world that Europe is taking a leading role in fighting climate change,” said Youth for Climate about the event. “But, after an analysis, we see that the Green Deal is not at all sufficient to truly safeguard our future. The climate targets that the Green Deal puts forward are not enough to limit global warming to the 1.5°C needed to prevent tipping points of climate destruction.”

The march starts at 14.00 outside Central Station. “We need you, all of you, to join us in the streets to make this message clear,” said Youth for Climate. “We Europeans have set global warming in motion, it’s now up to us to take up our historical responsibility.”

Photo: Flemish climate activists Kyra Gantois and Anuna De Wever flank Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg in Brussels last year
©Nicolas Materlinck/BELGA