Groen biggest Flemish party in Brussels


The green party Groen has surpassed Open VLD to become Brussels’ biggest Dutch-speaking party

Huge gains for sister party Ecolo

Following Sunday’s elections, green party Groen is now the biggest Flemish party in the new Brussels parliament. With 20.6% of the Dutch-speaking vote in Brussels, Groen now has four seats, up from three in the last government.

Liberals Open VLD was previously the Brussels parliament’s biggest Flemish party, with Groen in second place, just ahead of nationalists N-VA. Open VLD plummeted nearly 11 percentage points this time around, while Groen gained 2.7 points. Open VLD, N-VA and socialist party One.Brussels will all get three seats.

Groen tied with extreme right party Vlaams Belang for the biggest gain on the last election. Vlaams Belang’s 2.7-point gain gives them one seat, the same as Christian-democrats CD&V, workers’ party PVDA, citizens’ party Agora and animal rights party DierAnimal.

The most votes in Brussels as a whole (22%) went to French-speaking socialist party PS, followed by green party Ecolo (19.1%), which made the biggest gain, nearly doubling its number of seats to 15. The third-biggest party is the MR liberals (16.9%).

Photo: Groen party chair Meyrem Almaci flanked by Ecolo party chairs
©Laurie Dieffembacq/BELGA

Graph of seats in Brussels parliament courtesy VRT