Hof van Cleve only three-star restaurant left in Belgium


The new Michelin Guide for Belgium and Luxembourg lists a single three-star restaurant: Hof Van Cleve in Kruishoutem. Try the veal

La Paix gets second star

The Michelin Guide for Belgium and Luxembourg for 2019 lists just one three-star restaurant: Hof Van Cleve in Kruishoutem. The restaurant, along a rural road in the East Flemish town, is “worth traveling to get to,” according to the new guide, which publishes this week.

Chef Peter Goossens “retains his three starts thanks to a kitchen that is both personal and consistent,” the guide said in a statement. “Chef Goossens possesses the talent to make the most of top-quality ingredients.”

Despite the restaurant’s three-star prices (€260 for five courses), the guide emphasises its value in comparison to other Michelin restaurants. “Guests get a real product here, which they can fully enjoy thanks to generous portions. A dish like the veal sweetbreads with truffles, a top choice on the menu, is – and remains – a unique experience.”

A few years ago, there were three restaurants in Belgium with three Michelin stars. The closure of Bruges’ De Karmeliet in 2016 brought the number down to two, and now, with Hertog Jan closing this year, there is only Hof Van Cleve.

New stars in Flanders

La Paix in Brussels, meanwhile, received a second star. Chef David Martin “enthusiastically interprets classic in his own way and knows how to create unique nuances using Asian techniques”.

Three restaurants in Flanders, meanwhile, have earned their first Michelin star: Eed in Leuven and Nathan and Franq, both in Antwerp. A few restaurants also lost a star, such as Philippe Nuyens in Blankenberge and Table d’Amis in Kortrijk.

The Michelin guide also offers a fantastic list for bargain hunters. It’s Bib Gourmand designation includes more than 100 restaurants with meals under €37 that are considered top-quality values.

In total, the 2019 guide includes nearly 900 restaurants and more than 300 hotels and guest houses in Belgium and Luxembourg. It can be consulted online or purchased in shops from 22 November.

Photo: A dish at Hof Van Cleve