Hot weather is here to stay – at least until the weekend


The Royal Meteorological Institute has warned people to avoid the sun during the day and drink plenty of water, while some of the region’s employers are adapting their work hours

Orange warning

Brussels will be a bit hotter than Nice, Barcelona or Lisbon this week, with temperatures of up to 34°C forecast on Friday.

The Royal Meteorological Institute has issued a “strong heat warning” – meaning several days in a row of temperatures in the 30s and a high UV index. The forecaster is expecting 31°C in the capital on Tuesday and Wednesday, 33°C on Thursday and 34°C on Friday. Overnight temperatures in most areas will not fall below 20°C.

Official advice includes avoiding exposure to the sun between 11.00 and 17.00, wearing light clothing, drinking plenty of water and avoiding alcohol.

The continuing heat has had an effect throughout the region. Ghent University has allowed its research and administration staff to start work at 7.00 and finish at 13.00, while rubbish collections in Antwerp municipalities are taking place an hour earlier to avoid workers having to be out in the hottest part of the day.

“Our collectors have a hard job,” Wouter Meersmans of the organising body IGEAN told VRT. “This heat doesn’t make it any easier for them. By starting earlier while it’s still cool, they can also finish earlier, making the job more bearable.”

Meanwhile, Flanders’ Nature Help Centre has warned that the hot weather has led to an outbreak of botulism on the region’s waterways, with 20 ducks killed by the disease so far. It has asked the public to alert them to any sick birds they see by calling 089 85.49.06.

Photo: Dana Le Lardic/Belga