Ilse Uyttersprot’s partner ‘doesn’t know’ why he killed her


The man known as Jurgen D confessed to having killed former Aalst mayor Ilse Uyttersprot in her sleep but claims there was no conflict in the relationship

‘A short circuit’

Details have emerged about the death of Ilse Uyttersprot, city councillor in Aalst and former mayor of the city. Uyttersprot, 53, was found dead in her boyfriend’s home on Tuesday morning.

Her boyfriend of three months, a local real estate agent identified as Jurgen D, turned himself in to police soon after committing the crime. His lawyer, Krist’l De Paepe (pictured), has released details of his statement.

Jurgen D apparently killed Uyttersprot while she was sleeping, with one blow of a hammer to the head. He claims that he did not plan the attack and that he “snapped”.

According to De Paepe, he has shown remorse and said that he had “a short circuit” in his head. “There was no argument between the two that led to this action,” she said. “People have said that she must have wanted to leave him, but, according to my client, that was not the case.”

Exactly why he took the action he did, then, remains unclear. “He doesn’t know himself,” said De Paepe. “He has no explanation.”

Jurgen D admits to having felt depressed lately and had visited a psychologist together with Uyttersprot. “He realises that his life is over and wishes he could turn back the clock,” said De Paepe, who said that he should not be convicted of murder but manslaughter. “He did not have the intention to kill her,” she said.

In the meantime, it has emerged that Jurgen D was convicted in 2014 of stalking and trying to strangle his then partner. He received a six month suspended sentence. There were reportedly complaints from other ex-girlfriends of physical abuse and harassment as well.

Photo: Lawyers Krist’l De Paepe and Johan Van Caekenberghe outside the courthouse in Dendermonde
©Benoit Doppagne/BELGA