Antwerp hospital tests lighting and video for stroke patients


The Sint-Augustinus Hospital in Antwerp is the first in the country to test an innovative system of lighting and video to help stroke patients recover more quickly and fully

Equipment could improve recovery

The Sint-Augustinus Hospital in Wilrijk, a district of Antwerp, is the first Belgian care institution to test so-called “adaptive healing rooms” for stroke patients. The rooms are equipped with special lighting and video screens that provide information and music to improve the rehabilitation process. The technology was developed by multinational Philips.

The hospital has four rooms with video screens hung opposite the patient’s bed. The screens show images of nature but also feature the location of the hospital, the time and the name of the patient. Stroke patients can also use the technology to listen to their choice of music. In the future, patients should be able to receive messages via social media.

“Through this environment, we want to trigger neurons in the brain,” head of neurology William Van Landegem told Gazet van Antwerpen. “By reducing feelings of stress and pain, we should be able to counter paralysis symptoms and speed up recovery.”

The hospital will examine the results of the system in the coming months, after which the number of rooms equipped with the devices could be increased.

Photo courtesy Philips