Antwerp incubator Darwin to support start-ups and spin-offs


A new science and tech incubator has been opened in UAntwerp’s science park to help new start-ups and spin-offs to cope with administration and legislative regulations

Research co-operation

Flemish innovation minister Philippe Muyters has officially opened the new incubator Darwin, founded at the science park of Antwerp University (UAntwerp) in Niel. The incubator will house pre-starters, start-ups and spin-offs active in ICT and life and environmental sciences.

Named after the famous British scientist who developed the biological theory of evolution, the incubator offers modular office and laboratory space, administrative support and a network of specialists. The specialists can help the new concerns with, for example, tax issues, subsidies, legislation and human resources.

Entrepreneurs will be able to outsource research to UAntwerp or use the institution’s research facilities. UAntwerp has developed 15 spin-off companies in the last five years.

Among Darwin’s first residents are NSX and Tri-vizor. NSX is a UAntwerp spin-off that develops and designs dynamic and modular information systems. Tri-vizor specialises in efficient and sustainable logistics solutions.

Developer of the science park and driving force behind the new building is the Development Authority of the Province of Antwerp (Pom Antwerpen). “The field of life and environmental sciences has been an industrial priority for the university and businesses in Antwerp province for years, and we are increasingly developing the ICT expertise,” said Luc Broos, general director of Pom Antwerpen. “The incubator will help us to further expand and strengthen this knowhow.”

University of Antwerp

The University of Antwerp is Flanders’ youngest university, but it has quickly made a name for itself in natural and biomedical science research. It is the region’s third-largest university.
Merger - The university was born from the merger of three institutions with roots dating back to 1852.
Ranking - The university placed 13th in the World University Ranking “Top 50 Universities Under 50 years”.
Epidemiology - It was the first university in Flanders to offer a Master’s degree in epidemiology.
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