Belgian Eco Energy plans biomass plant in port of Ghent


The Mechelen-based company has presented plans for a €300 million plant that will power 450,000 households

Powered by wood waste

Mechelen-based company Belgian Eco Energy (Bee) has presented its plan to establish a large biomass plant in the port of Ghent. The project, called Bee Power Gent, is expected to cost around €300 million; the plant should produce electricity for about 450,000 households and create 120 jobs.

Bee Power Gent is one of the three plants that will still benefit from the green certificates for electricity production on the basis of biomass, which the government of Flanders has recently abolished for new projects. The other two are renovated coal plants belonging to Electrabel and E.ON, which will both work on the basis of classic wood pellets. The Bee Power Gent plant will function on another type of fuel, such as plantation wood and wood waste.

According to, Bee Power Gent emphasises the environment-friendliness of the project. The founders say the plant will be established in an industrial area with relatively little habitation, the biomass fuel will be supplied via ships and the plant will emit clean air.

Environmental organisations Bond Beter Leefmilieu, Greenpeace and WWF, however, expressed their concern over the amount of carbon dioxide that will be emitted and the lack of transparency on the origin of the biomass.

Bee Power Gent should become operational at the end of 2017.