Companies doing more to keep employees satisfied


Recognising that burnout can cost their companies plenty in employee absences, businesses across Belgium are stepping up to improve wellbeing

Taking more measures

Management in businesses across Belgium are more aware that they need to keep their employees motivated and satisfied with their jobs, according to human resources company Acerta, which recently surveyed 470 CEOs across the country.

The biggest concern, according to the poll, is psychological problems such as burnout. Compared to a similar survey carried out two years ago, bosses are 50% more likely to be taking measures to improve staff morale. Measures include advertising vacancies internally, providing career support and activities to support overall mental and physical health.

“There is clearly a shortage on the labour market,” said Acerta director Peter Tuybens. “Businesses realise how important it has become to understand their staff and keep them happy. The survey shows that bosses are more aware of their employees’ situation.”

At the same time, he said, with one in three surveyed would like to see more feedback from their staff with regard to career decisions and other matters such as continuing education.

Photo: Ingimage