Drone knowledge centre opens in Genk


A new expertise centre on drone technology has opened in Genk to help advance the local sector

“Urgently needed employment”

A consortium of Flemish companies and knowledge centres, supported by the government of Flanders, has launched the expertise centre Euka in Genk to assist the development of the Flemish drone industry.

Euka, short for European UAV knowledge area, will collect information on global developments concerning the use of drones and support enterprises wanting to create new business models in the sector. The founding partners are RiskMatrix, Xtendit Solutions, Metes, Securitas, Seris and the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (Vito).

One of Euka’s priorities is research on applications in the security sector. By equipping drones with observation cameras, certain inspections can be more cheaply carried out than at present.

Another important element is the development of test sites for drones in Genk and at the Brustem Air Base in Sint-Truiden.

The new non-profit is actively supported by the Limburg department of Unizo, the organisation that represents the self-employed. “We consider Euka an important innovative cluster that can create urgently needed employment in the region,” said Bart Lodewyckx, director of Unizo-Limburg, in a statement.

Photo by Henrique Boney

A new expertise centre on drone technology has opened in Genk to help advance the local sector.

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