Energy producer wants to place mini wind turbines on farms


Engie Electrabel, Belgium’s largest green electricity producer, wants farms and SMEs around the country to invest in small-scale turbines to cover their energy needs

Potential for growth

The country’s largest green electricity producer wants to place at least 100 small wind turbines on farms and SMEs over the next two years, to allow them to produce their own renewable energy. Engie Electrabel sees the future in small-scale turbines rather than the larger ones that have become a common sight around the country.

With a mast that is 18 to 30 metres high and a rotor that weighs between 3 and 6 tonnes, the wind turbines are too large for household use. Engie Electrabel is targeting its smaller model at professional clients such as farming companies who wish to generate their own energy.

The rise of renewable energy has led to a growing interest among small business and farmers, says Bruno Desfrasnes of Engie Electrabel. As Belgium has 40,000 farms, of which more than half are Engie Electrabel customers, there is a lot of potential for growing small-scale wind energy, according to CEO Philippe Van Troeye.

The vertical wind turbines – rather than three wings, they have three vertical bar-type blades that rotate around the axis – can generate between 10 and 50 kilowatts, compared to the 2,000 kilowatts of a traditional large turbine. A small turbine will cost between €100,000 and €200,000. They are manufactured by Belgian company Fairwind.

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